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St. Colman's Primary School, Kilkeel

ECO Week

21st May 2020

Hello girls and boys!

This is ECO Week in school.

Five years ago this week Pope Francis wrote a letter to everyone in the world. His letter was called the Laudato Si’. In this important letter the Pope asked us all to take better care of our world.

The Pope encouraged us to ‘seek a new beginning’. This is very meaningful for us today when our normal lives have changed so much. During this very difficult time we have been reminded of the important things in life.

We do a lot of work at school on the beauty of our world and how and why we should look after it. 

You have been incredibly busy this week showing all the great things you are doing at home to look after our beautiful world. Thank you for sharing some of your ECO friendly jobs you are doing at home.

The ECO Council want to share some of what they have been doing with you. They also have been thinking really hard and have come up with some amazing ideas which they will be asking you to do over the next few weeks. Well done ECO Council!

Eoghan is the leader of the ECO Council this year. Here is a message he has for you all:

’ Hello boys and girls at St Colman’s! 

I am missing school especially not seeing my friends and teacher. I play football with my dad and my brother. I also ride my bike around the park.

When I was told I was ECO leader I was kinda shocked. I felt happy being the leader of the ECO Council. I was proud and it felt so good to be given this job in school. I enjoyed working with others from other classes. It has been really great fun. We had meetings every month, maybe sometimes more than that. We had to collect information around the school. We had to do lots of work this year with Miss Boyle to apply for our green flag again. I always liked doing it because it was interesting. I have learned so much from being on the ECO Council. I know how waste can be reused and how recycling helps our environment.

I have liked being on the ECO Team because we are asked to come up with ideas on how to help our school and environment. I want to remind you to remember not to throw any rubbish down. Put it in a bin. Also, try to find ways to recycle and reuse your rubbish.

Cheers, from Eoghan’

Have a look at what some of the ECO Team members have been doing to look after our world. There are also some new plant pots that you could use at home, thanks Cora for these ideas!