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Monday 29th June 
School closes at 11am  
Enjoy your summer holidays! 
Hello, my name is Rachel Hardy and I’m the head girl of our school. It is such a privilege and I will take the role seriously. 
I will try my hardest to try make the school a better place. I would like the younger children to be able to come to me if they have a problem. 
I would like to say thank you to those who voted for me. 
Every 3 years a school has to draw up a plan which is titled School Development Plan and submit to various authorities for approval. The management of a school must give details of what is planned in many areas of the school. We will be compiling a new plan in September. I will be consulting with parents through a questionnaire for your help in identifying the needs of the school early in the new school year. 
Silver ECO Award  
The Eco council are a group of children who work tirelessly under the guidance and support of Ms O'Hagan. Their efforts have been rewarded in the school being presented with the Silver ECO award. 
Well done to all those involved! 
Hello my name is Mark McVeigh and I am the head boy in our school. It’s always been a dream of mine to be head boy so I would like to say thank you for the people who voted for me and the teachers who thought I would be a good and a responsible leader. 
Since I’m head boy, it’s my responsibility to make the school a better place, to help the staff and to help the P1s settle in because it’s hard coming to a big school. Once again, thank you to all who voted. 
Transition and Change  
It is hard to believe that this school year has almost come to an end. It has been an incredible, wonderful and exciting year for everyone with so much to celebrate and smile about! It is only natural that when something with so much happiness and fun comes to an end that sadness and tears appear. And to add to that, the transition and change that is looming for all the children, and parents I hasten to add, brings other emotions which I hope I can help with this year... 
Primary 7 children will leave school on Wednesday 24th June after their Mass. All the staff, children and I will miss them greatly. We wish each of them continued happiness and success in their new school. 
A year is a long time in the life of a young child! Many children become very attached to their teacher and classroom during the year. On Thursday 25th June each child will move to their new class and meet their new teacher. The children will spend the last few days of this term before they leave for their summer holidays with their new teacher and in their new classroom. 
I hope that this will help to take away any anxieties and answer the many questions which some children may have before returning to school in September. 
Our new Intake to school in P1 will visit their new school on Friday 26th June and spend some time with their teacher, meet their P7 friends and begin to find their little feet in their lovely new surroundings. 
This school year has been a most memorable and wonderful time for me as Principal of this beautiful school. I thank you all for your kindness and support which I value greatly. I wish everyone a happy and safe summer! 
Mrs Donnelly 
Our Summer Raffle has been a resounding success! A fundraising group of 6 staff members was formed at the beginning of the school year and they have worked tirelessly to raise funds for school. 
The raffle has raised £2850! A truly magnificent sum. We thank everyone who bought a ticket and congratulate the 56 winners. We also thank all the businesses, both local and far afield for their generous sponsorship of prizes. 
Our plan now is to use the funds to create a computer suite for the children to be ready for September! 
We look forward to this exciting resource in school.  
P7 Trip to Tayto Park  
The school has recently been informed that we are to receive additional funding to continue with some of the opportunities which we have been able to offer to the children. 
We plan to use some of this funding to provide a variety of Numeracy Resources especially in FS and KS1. We hope to introduce a programme called ‘Maths Catch Up’ to continue to raise our standards in Numeracy. 
We also plan to continue to develop the outdoor learning environment. 
Breaking News! 
On Monday the 20th of April the editor of the C2K Newsdesk, David Huntley, came to our school. I was very excited that he was coming; I particularly wanted to hear his voice because I had heard it before when he was reading out the news. 
It was connect a face to his voice. David was talking about who he worked with; Amy and their roles at the Newsdesk.  
He answered some questions. We found out that he reads the news at about 8 am (sometimes in his pjs!) and he used to be a teacher before he became the editor. 
He showed us everything about the Newsdesk, we all liked it when he went on the game section and he let us play one. He also let us do the vote, it was about football and the one we chose was the most popular. 
We had to go on the Newsdesk for our homework. I read all the stories and left a comment on one. Other children in my class had left comments too. It was fun to read the other comments. 
I love the news desk; it’s a great way to get kids to hear about what’s happening in our world. 
By Rachel Hardy 
Have a look at the newdesk and Charlotte's published report on David's visit. 
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