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This Week in St. Colman's ... 
Monday 23rd November 
All classes finish at 2pm 
Open Day 2 - 4pm  
Mass in Oratory at 9.30am P5 
Tuesday 24th November 
Come along to have a look.  
Many thanks to all who contributed to our shoe box appeal.  
We collected 120 boxes in total.  
Road Safety! 
Your child's safety in school is one of the most important aspects of our work in school every day. 
We have a number of policies to ensure that many procedures and measures are in place. 
Car parking facilities in the morning and at home time are limited. I wish to remind parents that the school has access to the car park beside the Oratory. 
I must stress the importance of leaving the parking bay assigned for the buses and the entrance to the staff car park free to keep all children safe. 
I do appreciate the difficulties which arise expecially when it is raining, but your child's and other children's safety takes precedence over any inconvenience. 
Many children are using the patrol crossing now. I appreciate your support in reminding your child to cross safely. 
I also appreciate the wearing of helmets by children you ride their bicycle to school. 
Your support and cooperation in all safety matters is much appreciated by children and staff. 
Mrs Donnelly 
4th December: Pantomime in Market Place, Armagh P4-7 
5th December: 'The Snowman' in the Waterfront, Belfast for P6/7 
14th December: Cristmas Craft Fair  
10 - 12 noon 
16th December: 'The Sleepy Shepherd' 7pm  
We have a number of children in school who have a severe nut and/or peanut allergy. Children with this condition may have an allergic reaction if they come in contact with nuts or food with nut traces in them. 
I would ask that no nut or nut related products, such as peanut butter sandwiches or snicker bars are brought into school for your child’s break or packed lunch. 
I am sure you will appreciate my reasons for making this request and trust that you will give it your full co-operation. 
If I can be of any further assistance on this matter, or should you require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact school. 
PE Uniform 
All our children look very smart in their school uniform. Thank you parents for all your efforts to make sure that full school uniform is worn each day. 
This year I am introducing a PE uniform which I hope will help parents when it comes to cost and practicalities of leisure wear. Your child will receive details on Monday of what will be available and how to place an order. The purchase of a school polo shirt and school hoodie is optional All PE uniform will be on display in the Junior Hall from Monday. 
PE uniform must be worn on PE days: 
- Blue school jumper or school hoodie 
- White polo shirt (from school or other outlets) 
- Navy track suit bottoms (from school or other outlets) 
- Trainers 
Your child’s teacher will let you know when his/her PE days are in advance.  
Thank you for your anticipated co-operation. 
Mary Donnelly 
Flu Vaccination 
Flu vaccination forms will be sent home from the school nurse very soon. Please complete and return to class teacher soon after you receive this form The school nurse will visit school on Tuesday 17th November. Details will be sent to parents from the school nurse with times and other information. 
Healthy Breaks 
During break time children are encouraged to eat a healthy snack and avail of the milk provided by the school. 
P2-P7 may bring in a healthy snack of their own choice. 
P1 children have a snack during Play Time which is provided by the school. 
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