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This Week in St. Colman's ... 
Monday 23rd March 
Spring Concert @ 7pm 
10.30 am late start  
P7 Swimming 
First Holy Communion: 
Saturday 9th May at 11am in Massforth Church 
Monday 18th May at 4pm in Massforth Church 
First Term 
The first term of the school year 2014/15 is fast coming to a close and what a busy first term it has been! 
The report following the recent inspection by the Department of Education will be available to everyone very soon. The date we had been given was 16th January. We are very pleased with the outcome which has been presented. 
The children had a major part in this result. A group of children were randomly selected from P6 to meet with two members of the inspectorate team. The children spoke of how proud they were of their school and showed great care and respect for each other. 
We wish to thank all the parents for their support and for highlighting the friendliness and approachable manner of all staff. 
Mrs Donnelly 
Hello, my name is Rachel Hardy and I’m the head girl of our school. It is such a privilege and I will take the role seriously. 
I will try my hardest to try make the school a better place. I would like the younger children to be able to come to me if they have a problem. 
I would like to say thank you to those who voted for me. 
C2k is the company that supply and maintain our school computers and laptops. 
We are delighted to announce that, on the basis of C2k’s licence agreement with Microsoft, all school users (staff and students) can download, free of charge, full copies of Microsoft Office for PC or Mac for use on up to 5 devices. 
They are currently in the process of enabling this for our staff and children in our school. 
Information on how to download your version has been sent home with the children. 
Miss Campbell 
The childrens' faces say all that needs to be said about their night. 
Dressing up fun on World Book Day! 
We are delighted to host an exhibition based on Major General Robert Ross, Rostreveor. 
If you would like to know his history and the background to the the Ross monument please call in and have a look. 
Hello my name is Mark McVeigh and I am the head boy in our school. It’s always been a dream of mine to be head boy so I would like to say thank you for the people who voted for me and the teachers who thought I would be a good and a responsible leader. 
Since I’m head boy, it’s my responsibility to make the school a better place, to help the staff and to help the P1s settle in because it’s hard coming to a big school. Once again, thank you to all who voted. 
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